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my ultimate

& vision

for your birth

I believe in


My faith is at the center of the creation and operation of my support and business.

I would love to support you spiritually through your birth, as well as physically. God designed you to do this, take comfort in His design.


Women are capable. A woman knows her body.

You, should be the one making the decisions during your birth. If something becomes urgent, of course trust the providers, but until then, trust yourself. You have no reason not to.


I believe in LaborLand!

Once you get to that place where everything around you gets tuned out, I believe you should stay there. This is where your partner and I work together to meet your needs and “hold that space” so you can focus on working with your baby and your body.



As a doula, my goal is to support you through one of the most life-changing events a person can experience.

I am with you to help you see that you are not alone and that you are capable, equipped, and created to bring your baby into your arms.


A doula can be hired as soon as you get a confirmed pregnancy or even up until before birth.

The longer that I am with you, the longer we can work together to help you achieve the level of preparedness you wish for your laboring headspace.


Doulas assist and support pregnant mothers prenatally, during labor, and in the immediate postpartum period by being emotional, physical, mental, and informational support.

Most doulas have specialized training on the best ways and methods to support moms and partners during one of the most life-changing experiences of their lives.


I believe in God’s design for women and that every life is deserving of a supported birth into this world.

Whether that is the baby who is being born earth-side, or the woman who is being born as a mother on that day.

I believe women deserve to be empowered by their births, instead of being silenced and pushed aside.

I would love to be the one you trust to offer you

raw memories


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Serving around Junction City, Fort Riley, Manhattan & Topeka areas.

"Dove & Lioness Doula, Amie Bogart, is fueled by her passion to help women experience their positive and empowering birth experience by helping them speak up. Amie offers a few different packages for her services to find the one that truly fits you the best. Your birth experience is unique, why shouldn't your care be?"

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