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I am driven by a passion for women to experience a birth where they are the leader. Women are wonderfully designed to bring children into this world... it’s time we trust in that design.

My mission is to empower you and be your support. I do not replace your partner (that is a role I could never fulfill!), nor do I make decisions for you. I am there to hold your hand, encourage you, pray for you, and remind you that you can do this.

You were made for this.

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Prenatal Meetings

Each Birth Support package comes with 1-3 Prenatal Meetings. These meetings are essentially crash courses in the basics of labor & birth, including just barely scratching the surface of physiological birth and why it is SO important to understand in order for birth to unfold as it was Designed and intended to do.

Birth Support

I will be there for your labor & birth when you call me.

At 37 weeks you will be moved to On-Call status, meaning you call and I come to you as quickly as I can–ready to support your labor and help you through as your pregnancy journey ends, and your Motherhood journey begins.

Capturing Your Birth

Birth Photography is such a beautiful expression of art that I am honored to have the ability to capture.

Currently, all Birth Support Packages come with complimentary documentation of your labor and birth at no additional cost. I also am offering photography of your birth as a stand-alone package.

Birth Priorities Sheets

I have never been a big fan of the word “plan” when it comes to birth prep.

So, when creating my template of a birth “plan” for clients, I wanted it to be functional, easy to read and understand, and for it to also set you up for mental success.

When you go into birth with priorities instead of a plan, you are more likely to adapt to the inevitable changes and deviations experienced during birth.

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Serving around Junction City, Fort Riley, Manhattan & Topeka areas.

"Dove & Lioness Doula, Amie Bogart, is fueled by her passion to help women experience their positive and empowering birth experience by helping them speak up. Amie offers a few different packages for her services to find the one that truly fits you the best. Your birth experience is unique, why shouldn't your care be?"

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